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Wine and grapevine have a strong history in these lands. Since the time of Burebista and then Decebal, the Dacians have developed both art level wine-making as well as a storage way to keep it fresh and cold. They used large pots of burned land that they filled with wine and placed them in rooms [...]

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Wine grapes are intended for vinification in order to obtain different types of wine and other musts and wine based drinks such as grape juice (natural, concentrated, CO2-impregnated and lyophilized), wine distillates, etc. Technological wine-making operations take place in specialized complexes such as high-capacity wine-growing complexes, equipped with modern machinery and equipment, wine cellar, cellars [...]

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Grape harvesting

Harvesting grapes for wine is done at technological maturity, ie when their chemical composition corresponds to the preparation of the wine time to be prepared. To obtain the current consumption wines, the grapes are harvested to full maturity, when the weight of the grains is the maximum and the highest harvest is obtained on [...]

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