Harvesting grapes for wine is done at technological maturity, ie when their chemical composition corresponds to the preparation of the wine time to be prepared. To obtain the current consumption wines, the grapes are harvested to full maturity, when the weight of the grains is the maximum and the highest harvest is obtained on the hump. For high-quality wines, harvesting can take place at full maturity or over-ripeness. In the latter case, the quantitative harvest losses are compensated by improving the quality of the wine. Anticipation of harvesting is done only in case of damaged crops, in order to avoid the complete alteration of the grapes.

The picking is carried out on parcels and varieties, as baking, usually starting with varieties for white wine of current consumption, followed by those for superior white wines, then for aromatic and red wines. In the mixed varieties of varieties, grape seed and separate grapes are picked directly, grapes of white noble grapes, aromatic grapes and black grapes.