Crama Nisipari was founded in 1995 on the Dobrogean vineyards of Nisipari, on a plot adjacent to the Murfatlar vineyard.

The fertile vineyard with an area of 18 ha is used to cultivate carefully selected varieties of grapes that will become by work, dedication and craftsmanship, high quality wines with aromas and polyfloral and fruity perfumes.

The Pergola plantation system combines the aromas of sugars and acidity in a balanced way, offering full, tasteful wines.

Thanks to our team, our dedication and passion for wine, the grapes are carefully chosen to produce the highest quality wines.

We are proud to present the new range of wines that has the name of the plantation type. The PERGOLA range consists of three types of wine: red, rosé and white. PERGOLA Wines completes a delicious meal at any time and fits any situation or major event in your life.

The passion of wine defines us!